Thermo Freestanding Braais

THERMO FIRES cc manufactures braais and fireplaces of the highest quality using only the best available material. As proof of their pride and belief in their product, they are the only company to give a 20years warrantee on workmanship.

The Thermo Freestanding Braai will add to the value of your home and enhance your entertainment area.
Available in 3 standard sizes: 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm.

The Braai 'body' has double-skinned sides. Although the outside will still be warm, the air-gap makes the outside cool enough that the kiddies or the guests will not burn. Available on a handy cabinet in which to put your blitz, tongs, potjies etc, or on a pedastal.

These braais can also be customised, turning it into a spitbraai, gasbraai or combination braai. You dream it, we make it.


  • 900mm Freestanding Braai
    900mm Freestanding Braai on Cabinet
  • 900mm Freestanding braai on pedastal
    900 mm Freestanding Braai on Pedastal
    Perfect for use on a patio
  • 900 mm Stainless Steel Braai for Gas
    900 mm Stainless Steel Braai for Gas
    Incorporating a 4Burner Chad-o-Chef sizzler
  • Thermo Freestanding Braais include:

    • 3mm Steel double-skinned Unit
    • Cabinet or Pedastal
    • Galvanized Cowl
    • 2.4 m flue
    • Ceiling plate
    • Coalmaker
    • Grid
    • Poker tool
    • Potjie hook
    • Lightfitting
    • Ashpan with ashtray
    • Double doors & chains.
    • Available in 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm
    • Specifications

  • 1200 mm Freestanding Braai on Cabinet
    1200 mm Freestanding Braai on Cabinet
  • 1200mm Stainless Steel Freestanding braai on cabinet
    1200mm Stainless Steel braai on Cabinet
  • 1200 mm Freestanding Braai on Cabinet - View of Closed Unit
    1200 mm Freestanding Braai on Cabinet - View of Closed Unit

  • 1500 mm Freestanding Braai on Cabinet
    1500 mm Freestanding Braai on Cabinet
  • 1200mm Freestanding Spitbraai
    1200mm Freestanding Spitbraai
    Available in a 1200mm and 1500mm braai
    Complete with speed-variable spitmotor and spitarm to roast a lamb or porker
  • 1500mm Freestanding Combination braai
    1500mm Freestanding Combination braai
    Decide how much space you have available, and we'll make a braai to fit

  • Or did you mean PORTABLE braais?

    For our range of mildsteel and stainless steel portable braais, please click here or click on the photo.

  • 1000mm Portable with coalmaker

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