Woodburning Grates & Pans

  • Grates & Pans

    Grates and Pans

    Top Left: Standard Sigle-sided Grate & Pan

    Top Right: Square Bar Grate with Pan

    Bottom Right: Standard double-sided Grate and Pan

    Bottom Left: Corner Grate and Pan

    Our standard grate features a loose, replaceable grid.

    Available in standard and custom sizes

  • Grates & Pan


    Top Left: Glass Screen with Stainless 'legs'

    Top Right: Mildsteel Freestanding "Winged" Screen

    Bottom Right: SquareBar Screen with Lasercut Circles

    Bottom Left: Stainless Steel Lasercut Screen

    We can Lasercut a Mildsteel or Stainless Steel screen to fit any decor - whether Modern or Rustic.

  • Logstands


    Top Left: Wall-fitted Logstands - 1800mm and 1200mm High

    Top Right: Freestanding Logstands - 700mm High - single or double wide

    Bottom Right: Freestanding Logstands - Up to 1800mm High

    Bottom Left: Custom Logstands

    We can custom make a logstand to fit any nook or cranny

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